Monday, January 14, 2013


If you know me well, I am a dumb in cooking. I can cook water, I can cook instant noodle, but I cannot cook more advanced than rice in a box. I do love baking, though.
Lately I have been so much into cupcakes! Unfortunately I don't do scratch, I use Pillsburry or Betty's boxed cake (again)

I have two stories that I always tell my friends about me cooking:

When I was in primary school we had one day of cooking class. I don't quite remember whether it was assigned or we chose.. to cook sayur asem, Indonesian soup. The soup being very complicated to make, I asked my nanny back home to prepare everything for me so that in the class I only need to boil it. So I carried the stuff I needed (a package) to school. Other students were cooking eggs and fried rice. I was wondering why everyone were using that pack of salt, so I thought maybe it is necessary to put them in our food. So I believe I told my friend to go to our canteen and got a pack of salt. Now If you don't know how big the pack  is, let's say probably 5inchx6inch package (I know it's big). So me not knowing how much stuff to be put, we put either 1/2 or the whole package into the soup... Now it's time for my teacher to taste it. One comment we got: "is this a soup or sea water???!" .. yea yea. I have no instinct in this kind of things..

Next was... my willingness to take cake baking classes when I was in junior high school. I took a class on how to make a birthday cake. So one time (July), it was my brother's birthday. My mom figured it'd be nice If I bake a cake for my brother. So I agreed and she bought me Wysmann butter, and all sort of fancy baking supplies. I already knew I am gonna make a soccer shaped (round) cake! that'd be great! Everything went well and neat.. until I made the icing. If you are from Indonesia you probably know back then we do not have Pillsburry icing or those icing from the stores, we gotta make it from scratch!!! And I recalled the recipe using vinegar to make the icing hard. The birthday came and cake was ready...
Turned out... the cake.. tasted like vinegar. No one dared to touch it even the nannies back home (they usually eat whatever).

So, cooking/baking. Definitely not my talent. Period.

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