Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fashion Life Milestones

Out of gazillion dreams I have had, fashion is one field that has been consistently within my dream range since I was in primary school. So here is the milestone:

My drawing for first Fashion class
1. (Age 5-8) When I was in primary school, just like other kids around, I used to love drawing manga girl characters. One of my friend, Marissa, was famous for drawing the best manga character in the class. She always inspired me to keep practicing sketching (although until now my manga character is ugly!). Starting from then I realized I enjoyed sketching the dress on the characters more than drawing the characters itself. Of course, sailormoon-typed clothing was popular for manga drawing back then. I started to sketch a lot of gowns and wedding dresses. I showed the sketches to my dad, so then he told me he is going to send me to Paris for college!!

2. (Age 9-14) When I was in 5th grade or so, something inspired me! WEIRD CLOTHING LINE. OK of course I didn't think it was weird when I was 10 years old. But I thought of making/designing FROG clothing and WIRED wedding dresses, which until now I still remember and wish I can make one day. I kept sketching....

Qt Frutee, my group and business partners!
3. (Age 15-17) My dream has been on and off, because I see so many talented people ahead of me. But no matter what I feel like I am not ready to let it off. Sometimes I also think about being a graphic designer or artist instead of being a fashion designer.. In senior high school, I started to enjoy fashion more because now I can shop by myself and I and some friends sold some fashion bracelets and necklaces in school bazaar. It was really fun. So that turned my dream into... fashion business woman. uh more complicated right??

4. (Age 18) College stage, finally I gave it up. I realize there is so much talented people out there and I cannot win the competition. Anyhow.. one day my friend asked me if I am interested in modelling for a fashion show... thanks to Codye! because of all the dresses I saw in the show, I have been wishing since then I can design and make a dress... So, I fall in love again.. with fashion.. for the million times !
5. (Age 19-now) Then I started blogging about fashion! (Hey, if you don't know check this out: Yes, I have not much time updating it now, but it was rather popular once (around my friends! ;p). Some facebook or twitter friends message me saying they are my fans!! (^^). It was fun, until my tripod... broken. Seeing my obsession there, I actually decided to take some fashion class: beginning with my creative textile and apparel class. And... my dress (out of rulers and rubber) got into the spring show at school! Enjoying many classes that I took in this program... finally I decided to take a minor. As of now I have taken materials class, computer aided design, creative textiles and apparel, and apparel design and analysis. Not only college classes, I learned how to sew from my Theater friend, Becca and took some classes in Jo-Ann's fabric. Finally now I now how to sew (and pssst.... now I'm sewing a gown!). Well I still cannot make a pattern yet though, so I really cannot say it is my design! But at least I start somewhere besides sketching!

6. (Today???) And.... today I just called some art and tech schools! I am thinking of going to a Fashion school after I got my bachelor in MIS and Accounting this May! I am so excited and hopefully there will be more milestones ahead of these on my fashion life!

Fashion stuff:

Lesson: Deep dreams are hard to throw away, love it, learn it, do it!

Cat-Jong ( <--- highschool nick name)

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