Monday, February 4, 2013


Many of you might have seen me in the library.. And talking to several people allows me to know that people actually think of me as a person with a lot of passion into.. studying.
No, it is not quite true.

One finding that I found is that I hate books. Each time I enter book store back home or in the US. I always have some sort of stomach ache. When I was in Indonesia, my friends and I always hang out in the mall, and sometimes we go to the book store because my friends want to see if the newest comic books are out yet. Every single time I come with them inside, I always ended up running out and go to the bathroom because I feel stomach ache. If I wait outside, I am just fine. Stomach ache is even worse when I saw the section of the book store where the books are thick. The thicker, the sicker.

I also feel it here. When I go to buy textbook in the bookstore I need bathroom.

Not sure if it is my psych or anything. But no... I don't like book.

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