Friday, January 11, 2013


Another life milestones for you! Here is a life of a 'sorta' dancer:

Age 1-5
I learned how to do Ballet. Let me rephrase it, my family told me to learn Ballet. When I was little I have a couple of friends in the Ballet place. Unfortunately, I retained that lesson only because if I go to the lesson place, my nanny would buy me a cracker. I love eating! And I always slept in the class, when I was dancing. I dance when I sleep. I sleep when I dance.

Age 6-11
I was in primary school back then. I learned how to do cultural dance from Indonesia. I remembered one song called Bolelebo. My teacher would teach us how to dance this song using a fabric on our hand. It is very pretty and even until now I remember the song, not the dance though.

Besides cultural song, I also went to a dancing/modelling school across the school. I learned modern dance and one of the song I remember was "Lucky", by Britney Spears. I remembered that I got to do modelling in the mall, even though it was not dance. But later on I got to perform it in junior high school I believe with a couple of my friends.

Age 12-14
I was in Junior high school back then. I joined the theatre and cheerleader team. I do like performing. However I was not elected to be in the main cheerleaders team because I was too weak and not very flexible. I failed in lifting people up on me. So that was bad. But I remembered we used the Let's get loud song. I still remember the choreography until now! :)

Age 15-17
After failing cheerleading, I went to join Modern dance group at school. But before that I actually learned hip hop from a dancing school nearby my house. The funny thing is.. I was the oldest student. Most of the students are in primary or junior high school. But preparing for the modern dance group selection, I actually paid extra to my teacher in the dancing school to prepare a choreography for me. So me and my friend went for the MD selection and got into our school's modern dance team. Unlike the previous year, starting from our year the modern dance theme was then switched to hip-hop. We made a pretty solid team with 1 guy and 5 girls.

Dancing video:

Age 18-now.
Not much. I just like dancing and following kpop dance. I did perform dancing a couple of times on campus. But I don't think I have the video :(
Anywho I love performing! I now choreograph, cover kpop dances, help people choreograph. Last one we made a flashmob of gangnam style!

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