Friday, January 18, 2013


Since I lived at my house with my family in Indonesia, perhaps my rommies living started on my Freshman year in college.

My first roomie shared a dorm room with me. So it was the first day I arrived at UNI. I felt really happy slash sad because my family left me alone in the dorm. I saw the dorm door and it said 'Hanan'. I thought hahaha Vietnamese my roommate! :) I picked my bed and stuff cause I know that my roomie has not arrived on campus yet. When she came, my guess was wrong. Now I though Duh, which Vietnamese's name is Hanan. Hanan is from Saudi Arabia! She and I are close friends up until now, which is exciting because at the beginning of the whole year in the dorm I was not really close to her. But as time goes on, we enjoyed going everywhere together, share stories at night when we were going to sleep, and we even made a couple of comic books. We shared some trips together even during my sophomore year and senior year. Went to Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and South Dakota together! In the room we have tons of crap. Especially my area. As you can see in the picture. I do decorate my room with polkadot paper and I put on some of my sketches there. I also always change the mood board every month. Wow, think about it I really did have too much free time back then. Right?

Click on this picture to see the first short story we made:

My next roommate were Natalie and Mayeesha. After my Freshman year, I realized I was wasting money on food. I had 14 meals per week but I only used less than half of the meals. I also do not like American food (I know I am very asian), that's why unlike the traditional Freshman who gained Freshman 15, I actually lost some weight staying in the dorms. That's why me and my friends/ lawther neighbor Natalie as well as Mayeesha moved to an apartment nearby campus. Natalie was my neighbor and friends since I stayed in the dorm, while Mayeesha .. I knew her through summer orientation program. Natalie likes watching korean drama and Mayeesha likes studying? Both likes cooking.... Not me. I think staying in the apartment was nice and I enjoyed it a lot because we had lots of space. I feel bad though because if you know me I have a lot of stuff and in the end most of the stuff in my apartment was mine. :(

We were roommates for about a year and a half until my brother then came.... and I become roommate with my brother. OK I'm not gonna discuss living with my brother. 1, he doesn't like being talked about. 2, you know how much work you need to do when you live with a guy? we need more trash bags here!!!


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