Thursday, January 10, 2013


Isn't it interesting? Now, today, you get to know what I fear..

I will give you let's see... about 10 seconds to say out loud what do you think my fear is.

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To be honest with you I am one of those dirty girls that are not afraid of bugs.. Yes, I would be fine touching cockroach or worms. In fact I have been in a big dumpster late night accompanied by hundreds of cockroach and some mouse diving in the garbage, that was fine for me.

I think I am afraid of... people hating me and getting into a fight. PLUS cucumber and papaya. OK the last two are like what?! but seriously I've cried once because my friend throw a group of cucumber slices on my face. Those stuff are scary man!

When I was in primary school, I was just a good kid. Nice enough to say.. I did not invite a couple of my friends in my house's halloween party conducted by.. ME! Yes, because I thought it's gonna be an exclusive party! Some miscomm and all that resulted in a bunch of students in my class and my course place hated me. They made a group called something like anti-Catherine (of course translated back to my language, primary school kids don't speak Engrish). I heard lots of bad comments and sighs about me day-to day to the point where I cannot stand it. Some of my ex-best friends were in it, making it even more painful. I was so scared, my days felt so lonely. I would cry at home and I did attempt to kill myself.. with a knife on a dining table. So my grandma asked me why? I said... everyone in the world hated me. I cannot live. So, being a humanly grandma she prevented me from suicide and she came to course place the next day... solving problem together with my teacher. Yes, the hatred thingy was solved but best friends were never back to me... Damn Halloween party! Since then I realize that.. I hate being hated. I am afraid to be alone and the world is against me. Sometimes just fights with friends and family makes me feel alone and afraid..

Now back to papaya and cucumber. Hate it!
Since I told a lot of people I hate both of these, they always play around with me with these crap! Mostly touch and smell are big NO NOs to me! Do NOT hold papaya and cucumber near me. ah! no!

LAST I just remembered that... I am afraid of POCONG. Now most of you probably don't know what it is... This is it:

Yea, I know it is scary right? Yet I dared to actually watch the movies with my friends. But... after I watch it I will ask my nanny to accompany me to bathroom all the time for ... approximately a month. These things seriously! soooo scary!


My fears are standard... Just wanna let you know! BUT don't play with me!

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