Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Drama Queen

I think I am sort of a drama queen. When I was in junior high school I think I was the champion in crying quantity... I almost cried everyday. My friend told me I was the sort of queen of cry.
I tend to keep a lot of stuff inside, but unlike some of you my readers.. I am a pretty sensitive person AKA take stuff seriously AKA take stuff personally. Which is bad. Sometimes when I am close with someone I would talk to them about how I feel (Sad) but if I cannot tell then I will just cry at night on my pillow or in front of schindler (now you are gonna look for me every night ? :) hehe.

But the good news is, I have gotten better. Of course with process. I used to cry every day when I was in high school, then my friend trained me to cry lesser and now I don't cry very often, not until a lot of pressure comes to me then I will sort of look for empty space and flood the space. No, no, really I have changed a lot. Just a bit of a drama queen... a microscopic size of cry queen now.

If you see me cry please just ....  close your eyes and go. I should heal in no time. :)


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