Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have a lot of nick names. What I meant by nick names are not like Matthew --> Matt, or Robert --> Bob, or Katherine --> Katie. No, no, my nickname history has been even more adventurous and creative than those names. So here it goes.

If I remember correctly I have always been called Catherine until about the last years of primary school. Although I know that some people called me Cath-Jonk or Au Jong. My last name, I don't like it, but it seems to be very popular. If you google search my name: Catherine Au Jong, you will only see about 10,000,000 posts and images about me. I know I'm famous, note that I created all of the contents.

Starting from Junior high school is when nicknames started to became very creative. I know some people got called different things like daki (body dirt), jiban (type of awkward hero). In my first year of senior high school I got called Babon (Baboon). My friends interpreted baboon as a big monkey and since I was chubby back then, my nickname was like that. Second year of junior high school I
got called.... Dora, actually pathetically. I cut my hair short (shorter than now) and people said I looked like Dora and back then I was actually a Dora fan. In third grade I think people mostly called me Cathjonk again, or AuJong, but we had a group of girl called strawberry family so I think in that group my name was salty strawberry, don't know if it existed. but whatever, you know kids.

After I went to senior high school then my nick name was...Etin. That is because we had orientation for new students and we wear a hat or name tags that have our nickname on. I wrote Etin on my hat. That's why I got called Etin for about forever now. But this name is not actually made up. Let's just say that this nick name is about my age now. My mom actually called me this since I was born. Yes, it is kind of a given name. But I think If I ask my professors here to call me that, I will feel weird. It is not easy to say it :)
Besides Etin, I also had a group called Qt Frutee and here are my members. In the group, I was Pineapple because I have a personality fun and active personality! Like the color of pineapple. Besides pineapple, we have (left to right) orange, kiwi, cherry, honeydew, and blueberry. In senior high school sometimes my friends called me etinatoon just because I created their names. I also made some name called RedPolkadot it was popular for a bit, this is because I like .. minnie mouse.

In college. I got not that many nick names. But Cat, Cathy are often the two nicknames I heard. I actually hate getting called Cathy because... back home we had advertisement for deodorant and the song which infers to armpit was like keti keti (ketiak = armpit). so don't call me that!
Other nicknames I fight over are: Pancake and back to... Dora. I don't know why but my friends told me my face is flat like a pancake...

So yeah. Those are the nickname history!

Which one do you like the most?


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  1. I am the only person on earth who has the right to call you Cathy!!:P