Monday, March 11, 2013

I don't want to get married, but...

Today me and my friends were talking about marriage (what age people usually get married in our countries and age gaps and stuff). Honestly I think I am a person that is hard to cope with, my feelings often change fast like switching off a light.. So I have been ensuring myself I will not get married forever. Unless I got reincarnated then.. that's a different Catherine being reborn-ed.

But I was thinking today, If my family will ever force me to get married...? What type of guy do I prefer?
Good looking.. no. I used to really like good looking guys.. But I feel like good looking guys will become ugly when they are mad, sad, or get old. Looks are very temporary. Definitely this person need to have a good inner trait/s.
1. No criminal background. OF COURSE. I don't want to live with a criminal/psych/etc bad stuff.
2. Kind hearted, in terms of movie. I don't need antagonist characters. I always love prince in disney movies.. not the witches.
3. Funny. I really love funny person, I love laughing. But need to be similar joke appetite with me. Because 'trying to be funny' is not funny.
4. Easy going. I don't think I can afford another person with too serious kind of personality. I myself stress myself so much. If this person is adding to it, the next day this guy will find me hanging myself in the laundry room.
5. Relatively smart? NO C student and below. (haha jk). I mean here is like the guy no dumb lah. I'm smart myself (proud, jk again). I feel that brain (not daddy's or mommy's assets) are important.. I have a high dream, I don't want to need to fund this dummy or unemployed *maybe?* person and cannot fulfill my dream or my future.
6. Do not complain about what I like. I always feel tired when people say bad things about stuff that I like. Face it, we all have freedom to like stuff and have dreams. So don't complain, support. Oh! I like kpop, kdrama, disney, fashion, cutie-cutie stuff, creative creative stuff. :D

Those are my list for now. I know I'm no pretty I'm no rich I'm no-thing but I have such long list right? I guess this is the Plan B. Just in case I will need it.

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